Getting Support from IBM

Opening a Support Case:

The quickest way to open a Case is through the online SUPPORT COMMUNITY ( that can be found on your personalized IBM support portal.  This requires an IBMid and password which you get with an active account.  HERE ( are the instructions to create an account.  How to Open a Case ( will guide you on the options of opening cases.
Contact IBM support through the Support number 800-426-7378

All that is needed to open a Case is the IBM Customer Number (from above) Case Severity and response goals

Official 5-Step case escalation procedure: Here is a link to the latest version of IBM Support Guide, (see paragraph “Escalate a case”) We believe IBM Support is “Best of Breed.”  If at any point in our service process, you feel we are not meeting our commitments to you, as outlined in this handbook, you may call our attention to this problem by doing one or all of the following:

  • Be certain to explain the business impact of your problem to the service representative
  • Raise the Severity Level of the problem
  • Ask to speak to the person’s manager – Escalations to an IBM manager will receive prompt attention and management focus.  You can find contact numbers for your geographic area in the IBM Directory of worldwide contacts (
  • Ask for a “Duty Manager” – The Duty Manager or field manager will work with our technical staff to ensure your request is being handled appropriately.
  • After allowing the Duty Manager time to make an impact, if further escalation is required then open a Complaint or nominate as a Critical Situation (“CritSit”), if warranted, by asking any member of your IBM Client team to do so on your behalf.

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