What’s new in IBM Engineering Test Management v7.0.2

by Christophe Telep

To improve the accuracy and efficiency of engineering processes, this IBM Engineering Test Management (ETM) new release offers additional ways to tailor the out-of-the-box test management process to some specific teams’ needs. For example, project administrators can now customize the execution states for test script results. The default names such as Passed or Failed can be modified and some execution states can be disabled altogether.Imran Hashmi IBM ELM engineering lifecycle management

Custom execution states for test step results

One of the key benefits of the IBM Engineering solution is to improve the efficiency of product line engineering by enabling teams to reuse artifacts across multiple versions and variants. One of the enabling elements to achieve greater reuse is the notion of Components which can have several configurations, which, in turn, can be combined to define a specific version of a complex system.

Along with this ETM release, we also make available a Technology Preview for Multi-component that enables test artifact relationships, such as linking and running tests across components in a configuration management enabled project area. This feature is not supported for use in a production environment. You must install the ETM applications on a dedicated server to use this feature. A Technology Preview gives you the opportunity to try out a feature and provide us feedback, so that the production-ready feature will meet your teams’ needs.

Using an ETM project area with the Multi-component Technology Preview enabled, users can

  • View test artifacts from multiple components on the same page. For example, test cases from multiple components can be displayed in the Browse > Test Cases view.
  • Create links between test artifacts from multiple components. For example, users can add test cases from multiple components to the current test plan.
  • Run tests with test artifacts that are linked to artifacts from multiple components.

There are many more enhancements delivered in this new release of IBM Engineering Test Management. To see a complete list, please go to:

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