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What’s new in ELM Automotive Compliance 1.0.1

by Michael Halder

In December 2019, the first version of ELM Automotive Compliance (ELM AC) was released. ELM AC is a new offering that consists of agile process content structured according Automotive SPICE process groups, templates and reports. The offering allows automotive customers to streamline their usage of IBM ELM for automotive industry standards. Customers who don’t want to rely on an agile process can still benefit from the offering by using the templates and mapping of tool functionality  according to their own process. Together with the release of IBM ELM 7.0.1, ELM AC releases the first update with version number 1.0.1.

A more seamless process experience 

Imran Hashmi IBM ELM engineering lifecycle management

The biggest change in V1.0.1 compared the first version is that the mapping of ASPICE base practices and IBM ELM tool functionality is now part of the Automotive Compliance process content. This mapping explains for every single base practice  assessed as part of the VDA Scope according to the INTACS™️ scheme how ELM AC satisfies ASPICE Compliance. Previously, this mapping was delivered as a separate document.

Imran Hashmi IBM ELM engineering lifecycle management

Having the mapping within the process content enables users to access it easily at all times and allows for a more seamless experience. This seamless experience gets further enhanced by additional links from work items to the related process pages. AC pursues the same goal as the rest of the ELM portfolio to continuously improve look and feel. If you are familiar with AC V1.0, you may also notice how the general appearance of the process content and landing page has improved.

Benefit from managing checklists within DOORS Next

Imran Hashmi IBM ELM engineering lifecycle management

An extension in AC V1.0.1 concerns checklists. The new release provides checklists within DOORS Next. Included in IBM ELM AC are pre-defined checklists for Requirements, Architecture, Tests and Software Implementation. Within the process content, ELM AC also contains guidance how to use these checklists and how you can add your own checklists in a similar manner. Managing checklists in DOORS Next enables linking checklist items to affected engineering artefacts and work items. Thus, users benefit from enhanced traceability and also from using checklist in a web-based tool built for collaboration.

Updates to the AC Reporting package – Better ways to monitor whether your project is on track

The first version of IBM ELM Automotive Compliance contained 74 reports. The new release of IBM ELM refines and simplifies some reports and adds new ones. There are now four more reports for problem management and six new reports for project management. We anticipate these reports will help teams to more reliably identify blockers and judge whether the project is on track.

A combined lifecycle template that supports the new RM architecture

If you use IBM Engineering tools for modelling, you may be aware that the architecture of Rhapsody Model Manager was changed to work as an extension to Engineering Workflow Management. V1.0.1 of ELM Automotive Compliance contains an integrated lifecycle template that now supports this new architecture of having CCM + AM in a combined project area. This means if you aim to use AC with ELM 7.0 or higher, ELM V1.0.1 is right for you. By relying on this combined lifecycle template, users can save time when creating projects and adding team members.

New SAFe artefacts in the templates

AC V1.0.1 adds additional Large Scale Agile contents like SWOT analysis, TOWS strategic options matrix and Objective and Key Results to the Strategic Theme artefact template. By having templates for these methods included in the tool, users are encouraged to use industry accepted techniques to improve value stream analysis and planning.

Tailor-made Service Offering for your journey to ASPICE

Imran Hashmi IBM ELM engineering lifecycle management

While ELM AC is continuously expanding and maturing as a general compliant solution, we realise that your organisation has specific requirements. This is why we defined a set of service packages to help you to understand how your project how can benefit from pre-defined ELM AC contents. You can get ELM AC installed and setup in less than a week of effort. If you are serious about your ASPICE journey, we also offer a package that includes an actual ASPICE assessment and a detailed analysis of your current tool landscape. As a result of this project, you know exactly where you stand and how can reach your compliance goals most efficient. Please reach out to your local IBM Expert Labs (formerly IBM Lab Services) representative or Judith Leick ([email protected]) to learn more about these service offerings.

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