Best AI?: …

Best AI?: TRON, HAL 9000, C3PO or IBM?

I bet you have read a book or seen a movie that had an “all-knowing” AI. But have you seen a practical, pragmatic AI that can inexpensively help you do your job better for about $65 a month?

You may have seen IBM Watson defeat Jeopardy players a few years back. We have now applied that same machine learning technology to help you to reduce the time you spend on managing and reviewing requirements.

This AI capability combined with our requirements management solution enables organizations to better manage software and product requirements – as well as compliance and regulatory requirements – to accelerate their delivery cycles and improve product and project quality. 

Interested to see if our AI Requirements Assistant can help you? Then reach out to me to see if it might be a fit for your organization.

Please let me know if your schedule allows for a quick call. Thanks again and looking forward to hearing from you.

Imran Hashmi


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PSS – think you can’t afford IBM? Our AI solution starts at about $65 a month and our complete requirements management solution at $270 a month