OSLC – Open Services for Lifecycle Collaboration

OSLC stands for Open Services for Lifecycle Collaboration. It is an open standard for integrating different software tools used in the software development lifecycle.

The goal of OSLC is to enable collaboration and interoperability between different software tools and systems, such as requirements management, project management, and software development tools. OSLC provides a standard interface for these tools to communicate and exchange data, making it easier for teams to work together and share information.

OSLC is designed to be flexible and extensible, allowing organizations to integrate their own tools and systems into the standard. This makes it possible for organizations to create their own custom workflows and processes, while still benefiting from the standardization and collaboration that OSLC provides.

OSLC is supported by a number of software vendors and open-source communities, including the Eclipse Foundation and the OSLC Community. It is widely used in industries such as software development, aerospace, and defense, where collaboration between different teams and systems is critical to success.

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