IBM Engineering Lifecycle Management Named a Market Leader

IBM Engineering Lifecycle Management Named a Market Leader

By William Streit | 1 minute read | January 27, 2021

Imran Hashmi IBM ELM engineering lifecycle management
recent market report from Forrester evaluated the benefits of integrating your tools, and your teams, to extend the benefits of traditional application lifecycle management (ALM) functions with Engineering Lifecycle Management (ELM) tools. In fact, Kisaco Research recently named IBM a market leader, in a study of competitive ELM tools. Markets across many industries are poised to emerge from the pandemic smarter and more resilient with the help of smarter software and product development tools.
Imran Hashmi IBM ELM engineering lifecycle management
Whether you’re developing cutting-edge medical devices or delivering on public infrastructure projects, engineering and development teams require a single source of requirements data and connected global supplier networks for safe, successful outcomes.
Delivering on a commitment to provide continuous improvements to its market-leading engineering software tools like DOORS Next, IBM Engineering is announcing another release of enhancements across the ELM portfolio.
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What’s new in ELM 7.02?
The latest release of V7.0.2 remains focused on making the platform easier to use by integrating your requirements, systems design and modeling with workflow and test management tools for improved traceability across the entire product lifecycle. This offers and unparalleled advantage to manual processes or single-task solutions.
Users can expect to see enhancements in the UX, security, verification and validation testing, industry compliance, performance and scalability, reporting, and integration.
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IBM’s continued commitment to improving the management of systems and software development projects is helping customers optimize their engineering processes to be more resilient, agile, and competitive.
What’s next in 2021?
As development teams face pressures to deliver increasingly complex products, the ability to scale becomes essential. Market leaders are taking steps toward digital transformation by investing in their software management systems and development processes, creating a bedrock for optimized software and product development to occur.
IBM Engineering can help you reimagine your development processes to enhance productivity, lower costs, and improve quality, so you can emerge more competitive and more prepared to respond to dynamic market changes. Reach out if you think we can help.

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