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Digital Engineering in Practice: Transforming the Engineering Process for Aerospace & Defense

Presenter: Eran Gery of IBM – Distinguish Engineer, A.I. Applications

Today’s products and systems in the Aerospace and Defense industry around the world are becoming more complex with new technologies rapidly disrupting the traditional norms. Disruptive innovations are creating an environment of “art of the possible”, which unfortunately also creates new threats to maintain compliant and safe systems. On this front of A&D, there is a call for a “digital engineering initiative”, looking at these suppliers to adopt digital techniques that enable a leap in speed and efficiency of bringing new systems from concept to operational state. Similar concepts are being sought in other industries like automotive and medical devices. The IBM engineering lifecycle platform (ELM) offers a set of capabilities that enable such a transformation of the engineering process along the line of the digital engineering initiative. In this talk, we will present the core capabilities of the ELM platform and demonstrate how it supports digital engineering practices along the product engineering cycle. We will look at an “end to end” practice from early stakeholder needs to verification and validation, involving advanced approaches such as model-based engineering, agile systems engineering and AI to realize the digital engineering vision.
Listen to May 26th recording here.

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