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New release of IBM Engineering Requirements Quality Assistant Now Available on OpenShift

By  Erin O’Connor | 1 minute read |

Every systems and software project starts with requirements, and getting them right lays the foundation for all the development work that follows. Many companies actually allocate additional resources to ensure their requirements meet the highest standards. This can pay significant dividends in improving productivity and product quality. It also makes the requirements process the most logical area to leverage AI.

Imran Hashmi IBM ELM engineering lifecycle management

Responding to customer requests for more independence and security around their use of AI, we have enhanced our Engineering Requirements Quality Assistant (RQA) to run in an OpenShift container. This greatly enhances the ELM solution base to offer a ‘run anywhere’ model for requirements.

When the Watson AI technology for requirements launched initially, we wanted the product to be easy to use and work in conjunction with our customers’ existing requirements management solutions. This is the second generation, running on OpenShift, allowing our customers to run their requirements in a private cloud.

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Why the move to OpenShift?

  • The new RQA solution provides greater deployment flexibility, managed anywhere OpenShift 4.3+ is available
  • Keep your data behind your network firewall vs. on a public cloud
  • The OpenShift container environment also helps lower cost of operations and administration overhead

This new release enables customers to run RQA in the same environment as the rest of their software, retaining complete control of their requirements process, which is especially important for companies working on high security projects. The new capabilities will become available this Fall.

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About Requirements Quality Assistant

Imran Hashmi IBM ELM engineering lifecycle management

The Engineering Requirements Quality Assistant (RQA) product helps remove risk and ambiguity in requirements authoring, comes pre-trained based on indicators consistent with INCOSE standards so it is useful right out of the box, and can actually provide authors coaching to improve the quality of requirements. We have also introduced a bundle of IBM Engineering Requirements Management DOORS Next and Engineering Requirements Quality Assistant to make acquisition easier.

All of these enhancements are part of commitment to help our customers find efficiency in their processes and provide the tools needed to maintain resiliency in an ever-changing market.

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