Requirements management tools and solutions

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Explore tools and solutions for developing connected products, which demand complex requirements, seamless use of data, AI and multivariant management


Your products will only be as good as the requirements that drive them. For systems engineers to manage the growing complexity of connected products, they need better visibility into changes, deeper insight into data and shared tools for global collaboration.

Requirements management serves as an essential practice and framework for engineering lifecycle management. Requirements management tools and solutions can help you better control project scope to save time and money while delivering better insights for product development and enhanced traceability across teams.

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Requirements traceability

Link individual artifacts to test cases for full visibility of changes in engineering requirements as they happen. Capture all annotations, maintain them and make them easily accessible.

Engineering compliance

Build compliance into your end-to-end engineering lifecycle while incorporating industry standards and regulations into your requirements to achieve compliance early on.

Agile and variant management

Streamline engineering processes to enable global collaboration in real time. Digitally manage the entire version and variant process with a shared dashboard by storing data in a central location.

A scalable requirements management solution

Deliver increasingly connected, complex products by optimizing collaboration among teams with a comprehensive requirements management offering that helps stakeholders capture, trace, analyze and manage changes to requirements.

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